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Part of our comprehensive workbook series, this series concentrates on development of life and lifestyle plans and offers supportive maintenance. Includes practice in planning and evaluating personal lifestyle changes or plans.

These materials can be used as part of a comprehensive age- and gender-specific treatment program.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
PT1 Managing your life: It starts with the basics of goal setting Develops motivation and a positive outlook for the future by identifying hopes and dreams, then developing action plans to effect desired change. 10
PT3 Recovery Clients evaluate weaknesses in their recovery, recent lapses and situations where they missed warning signs (addressing issues of denial). Clients establish a plan for intervention by safe and supportive friends and counselors, summarize life goals, including abstinence, identify areas for forgiveness, evaluate progress toward recovery and complete action plan for continued successful recovery. 5
PT4 Coping Skills "Self Report Card" This tool provides an overview of self-efficacy and relapse prevention planning and reviews lifestyle and coping skills issues. 1
PT5 Coping Skills and Interventions For Specific Issues Prescriptive format. Identifies specific coping skills to address anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, grief, etc. 1
PT6 A Guide to Using Your New Coping Skills Identifies specific coping skills to be used at various stages in the relapse "cycle." Links with workbook SA2. 2
PT7 Coping Skills Worksheet and Self-Analysis Checklist Self-assessment: identifies coping skills by past patterns of substance abuse and behaviors. Recommends critical coping skills for addressing those patterns. 3
PT8 Self Analysis: Review of Relapse Prevention Plans This tool evaluates client's relapse prevention plans and issues involved in returning to the community. 2

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