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Vocational Program Resources

Building vocational skills is an important step in the road to leading a life free of violence. Like other life skills, vocational readiness empowers at-risk populations and former gang members to stay out of trouble. An important tool for probation/parole programs is employment preparation.

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, these materials are designed for community programs and correctional programs. Developed for clients who do not have extensive work histories, these workbooks and lessons guide the process of self-examination, confidence-building, preparation, job-seeking, interviewing, and keeping a job.


Catalog Code Title Description Hours
V1 Vocational Lessons, Part 1 Topics include: self-evaluation, job and career values, interviewing practice, job success skills, and ethical issues in the workplace. 10
V2 Vocational Lessons, Part 2
P3 Personal Preparation Program Identification of work skills and job options, a positive attitude, thinking realistically about work, practical aspects of finding a job, development of personal data sheet, handling applications, resumes, and interviews, and keeping a job. 10

Personal Preparation Program (P3)

A critical component of any gang intervention program, this is a workbook-based curriculum addressing ten important issues. Topics areas include:

  • Getting started
  • Let's look at your skills
  • What kind of work do you like?
  • Motivation: Developing a positive attitude is a critical part of the process
  • Thinking Realistically About Work
  • Practical Aspects of Finding a Job
  • Personal Marketing for Jobs - One Step at a Time
  • Have a "Data Sheet" you can bring to every contact and meeting
  • Applications, Resumes, and Interviews
  • Keeping a Job!

Vocational Readiness Lessons (V1, V2)

These vocational readiness workbooks emphasize preparation, skills for success, finding the right job, proper work behavior, and practical/ethical issues in the work place. They can be of use to any gang intervention.

  • Practice in specific job interview skills (V1 lesson #1, #2)
  • Identify their strengths at critical job skills (V1 lesson #3)
  • Exploring for the ideal job (V1 lesson #4)
  • Role-playing practice in preparation for common work situations (V1 lesson #5)
  • Address ethical issues in the workplace (V1 lesson #6)
  • Identify values critical to job and career (V2)

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