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Becoming A Stronger Person

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, Becoming A Stronger Person is designed for later portions of recovery programs (or aftercare settings/supportive maintenance). This series guides development of a new outlook by providing support in keeping life in balance, developing the strength to act appropriately, and developing a positive outlook for long-term recovery.

These materials can be used as part of a comprehensive age- and gender-specific treatment program.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
SP1 Readiness for Change Addresses issues of self-discipline, and denial. Good review of progress in recovery. Provides motivation for making more changes. This workbook is designed to support the motivational enhancement (MET) approach, guiding clients from contemplation of change to action. 6
SP2 Getting It Right This Time Addresses issues of taking responsibility and provides continued self-inventory. 5
SP3 Learning How to Keep Life in Balance Workbook guides clients to: (1) evaluate cues that they are out of balance; (2) develop a balance of activities and friendships; (3) identify specific ways to keep today in balance; (4) change the balance from dependence to independence. 8
SP4 A New Outlook: Seeking Happiness And Contentment Encourages clients to view recovery as more than a “negative” process. Increases confidence and motivation for recovery. 7
SP5 Insights to Spirituality Introduction to spirituality and spiritual development. Very appropriate for use in treatment programs, correctional, and recovery settings. Appendix includes prayers and inspirational materials from Christian (Protestant and Catholic), Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Native American sources. 4
SP6 Protective factors checklist Formerly SD9, this short workbook identifies common protective factors and developmental asserts, and guides the identification of specific factors. In addition to identifying internal and external resources for each individual, it provides feedback and encouragement for developing resiliency and building on these strengths to make changes. 3

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