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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Part of our comprehensive workbook series and highly customizable for age- and gender-specific programs, these materials are dedicated to basic problem solving skills.


Catalog Code Title Description Hours
PS1 Problem Solving Basic problem solving program, with problem solving template and 44 cards with typical personal and interpersonal problems. 6 to 7
PS2 Problem Solving 1-2-3 Using basic problem solving model, presents 54 community and home problem situations experienced by people in transition and/or recovery. 9
PS3 Self-efficacy and problem solving This short workbook summarizes the key coping or avoidance/escape strategies used by clients for their highest risk situations. (key summary activity) 3
AM1/RH11 Handling Tough Situations An Action Maze Workbook that provides participants with decision making opportunities dealing with common temptations and problems (people, places, things, situations, and their own thoughts). 4

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