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Identifying and Changing Your Stinking Thinking

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, we offer cognitive restructuring-based materials on identifying and addressing specific areas of "stinking thinking" (cognitive distortions). These materials are particularly useful in the middle stages of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and personal change programs. This element is most useful in behavioral health programs which use the TP resources in this catalogue.

These materials can be used in whole or in part to create a customized age- and gender-specific treatment program.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
ST Changing your ‘stinking thinking’ 42 separate “stinking thinking” issues are addressed in this series, using worksheets for cognitive restructuring. Each lesson provides examples of this form of cognitive distortion, asks participants to examine their own thinking, then guides the examination - including consequences. Worksheets guide the development of new ways of thinking and responding. Major topic areas include criminal thinking, negativity, manipulation of others, and issues which emerge in recovery programs and groups. *Discount package pricing provided for this resource. 42*
ST Review Reviews ST Lessons Included at no cost with the ST resource 2
ST-GI Stinking thinking and gang activity Identifies and addresses specific areas of criminal thinking relating to gang activity. 2
ST-PST Positive selftalk: replacing negativity with positive thinking Practical workbook for addressing negative thinking. Provides multiple opportunities to identify negative thinking and replace with more positive thinking options. 6

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