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Resources for Juvenile Male Correctional Programs

We can help you provide a broader range of behavioral health, substance abuse (drug and alcohol) treatment, delinquency, gang prevention/intervention, probation, correctional, and educational services. Our juvenile male performance-tested curriculum resources are comprehensive, flexible, and affordable. All are written at a high-interest, easy-reading level that can accommodate a wide range of reading skills.

All curriculum materials come with behaviorally-stated objectives, helpful lesson plans or instructor scripts, and staff development materials. Workbooks average about 35 pages, have a grade 3-6 reading level, and can be used in a group format or with individuals. We can help you select the materials you need to fit your objectives and time available. Our resources support juvenile justice systems in nearly all fifty states. We are the state-wide resource provider for juvenile justice and probation systems in many states. Our male juvenile justice programs support behavioral health, gang involvement, substance abuse (drug and alcohol), delinquency, and CBT- and MI-based curriculum and programming to juvenile males.

If you can't find the right program on this page, we can customize a program for you. Simply fill out our phone consultation form and we'll call you to help you develop a custom program, or contact us by e-mail. We contact us for program models and logic models.

Curriculum and Treatment Program Resources from A New Freedom

  • designed for juvenile male correctional and probation settings
  • used in over 450 juvenile facilities and program settings
  • addresses behavioral health, drug and alcohol, gang, and delinquency issues
  • high-quality structured program includes helpful support for treatment program staff
  • reasonable cost — with unlimited copying privileges at your site

We provide CBT- and MI-based resources for juvenile male correctional substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) and mental health facilities ranging from 60 to 400 hours of dosage (program and logic models available). These correctional programs can be tailored to all facets of criminal behavior, behavioral health, substance abuse, delinquency, and gang involvement. Please contact us with any questions or use our phone consultation form to have us help you shape a program to your needs.

Substance Abuse Program Resources

A New Freedom comprehensive substance abuse (drug and alcohol), delinquency, and behavioral health treatment curriculum resources (over 100 workbooks designed for juvenile corrections applications). Substance abuse programs built on these resources can extend from four weeks to two years. Helpful lesson plans and counselor's tools included.

Based on state-of-the-art principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and relapse prevention training, A New Freedom content includes motivational enhancement (MET), support resources, treatment readiness, reducing resistance, drug/alcohol abuse, cognitive restructuring, moral development, trauma/loss issues, coping skills, risk/protective factors management, and a practical post-release component. We can help you tailor an affordable program to your specific objectives.

Cognitive Behavioral: The Functional Thinking Curriculum

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, the underlying principles in these resources include many elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The Functional Thinking set of resources, however, addresses the critical elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and can be viewed as a core cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) resource. This element also integrates Motivational Interviewing (MI) tools into the actual program materials. This allows program staff to readily use MI with the program participants. Change talk is elicited, and materials are sequenced to link to the stages of change model (Prochaska and DiClemente).

Returning Home

The Returning Home program is designed for community reintegration. This highly interactive 100 hour workbook-based program addresses key relapse and recidivism issues, and includes lesson plans for all workbooks. Resource selections support pre-release, conditional release, probation, detention, half-way house and day reporting programs. [link]

Aggression and Violence

Aggression and Violence is an anti-violence skill-building program, based on individual one-hour lessons and supplementary workbooks, with detailed lesson plans, reproducible handouts and worksheets. This highly interactive 60-80 hour program addresses the risk factors for violence, gang involvement, delinquency, conduct disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder, and allows unlimited duplication for use on-site in your correctional or probation program.

Special Populations

Special populations programs: we provide affordable program packages for diversion programs, dention programs, mental health programs, and revocation/relapse intervention programs, community programs, and drug court and detention centers.

Pathways to Daily Living (Life Skills)

Pathways to Daily Living life skills program (60 one-hour lessons with detailed lesson plans, reproducible handouts and worksheets). Content areas include: personal organization, physical and emotional health, personal hygiene and nutrition, money management, and stress management. The Personal Preparation Program (practical vocational pre-employment preparation) also provides unlimited on-site use. [link]

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