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Returning Home 10-Session Units

We have a wealth of workbooks, individual lessons, and packaged 10-session units in our Returning Home series. We specialize in helping select and shape these resources to fit specific program needs.

The PDF flyer in the link below describes our flexible open group/open admissions 10-session units complete with focused session openers and summary resources. These flexible units address important reintegration issues in planning for a good life, key recovery topics, and provide guidance for dealing with family and friends.


A Unique Approach To Re-Entry

We recently created a unique set of programs for a Re-Entry facility in a major prison system. The idea was to offer programming in a form that mirrors a college experience, with required courses and elective courses that inmates could choose in collaboration with their counselors.

We created a total of 823 total hours of programming, divided into Core courses, Core Elective courses, and Extended Elective courses. Each Core and Core Elective course is comprised of 10, 1-hour group sessions.

We worked closely with our colleagues to develop this creative approach, and are very pleased with the results! The PDF file at the link below is the final course list. We would be happy to talk in more detail about this with you– just contact us!


Returning Home Workbooks

We offer a wealth of workbooks that can be used flexibly as group work or self-study. The emphasis is on a successful transition, includong warning signs, triggers and symptoms, dealing with people in new ways, what to do if you lapse, and more to help achieve a lasting, relapse-free return to the community!

The link below lists and briefly describes each workbook in our series. As always, we are standing by to assist you in putting together an effective and cost-efficient program!

Download RH workbooks.pdf

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