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Pathways to Daily Living

Pathways to Daily Living is a comprehensive life skills curriculum for adults and juveniles helping them develop skills for daily living. This manual is designed to address critical life and lifestyle issues. The overall objective is to help participants improve their general health and happiness as functioning members of society. This comprehensive life skills manual prepares inmates and clients in probationary programs for life in the outside world.

This program is part of our comprehensive workbook series and can be used as part of a comprehensive age- or gender-specific treatment program.

Pathway to Better Hygiene
1 Introduction
2 A clean body
3 Taking care of your hair
4 Taking good care of your face
5 Clean hands
6 Taking good care of your teeth
7 Taking good care of your clothing
8 Cleaning your clothes
Pathway to Better Nutrition
9 A simple and proper diet
10 Going shopping for food
11 Easy meals — breakfasts
12 Easy meals — lunches
13 Easy meals — dinners
14 Easy meals — snacks
15 Food storage and kitchen cleanup
16 Eating Out
Pathway to Better Personal Organization
17 Choosing your clothing
18 Get yourself together
19 Having a backup plan
20 Making use of community resources
21 Affirming yourself
Pathway to Better Physical and Emotional Health
22 Visiting the doctor and other health care people
23 At the office of your doctor or other health care professional
24 After the visit
25 Taking your meds
26 How am I doing today?
27 What to do when you are having bad feelings
Pathway to Managing Stress
54 An introduction to stress management
55 What is stress doing to you?
56 What’s happened to you?
57 What pushes your buttons?
58 How have you “coped” in the past?
59 Coping skills—the basics
60 Coping skills II
61 More coping skills
62 Living smarter. Living longer
Pathway to Success
63 Using the serenity prayer
64 External supports
65 How to be good to yourself
66 Handling difficult situations
Pathway to Independent Living
67 What makes a "home"?
68 Safety in your home
69 Safety in your neighborhood
70 Apartment living guidelines
71 Moving in
72 Keeping your apartment clean
Pathway to Better Use Of Your Leisure Time
73 Seeking happiness and contentment
74 Identifying your needs and wants: for happiness, contentment, and comfort
75 Making your dreams come true
76 Increasing the joy in your life
77 Your most important values
78 Adding balance to your life with new activities

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