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Domestic Violence

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, these age- and gender-specific materials are aimed at adult females and juvenile females.

In programs for girls and young women, these materials may supplement a drug court and diversion program.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
DV1 Domestic violence #1: increasing personal awareness A primary objective is to address denial of the issue — or its seriousness — by its victims. This workbook uses comprehensive worksheets and checklists to help participants identify and understand the physical, sexual, verbal and emotional violence they have experienced with male partners. It also helps them understand why they remained in abusive relationships. (Juvenile women’s correctional programs only) 3
DV2 Domestic violence #2: becoming less vulnerable to domestic violence This workbook helps identify and address some of the most common underlying vulnerabilities in women who are in abusive or dysfunctional relationships. It addresses the costs and consequences of being in an unhealthy relationship, healthy and unhealthy relationships, and some of the characteristics of the abusive or controlling male. This workbook provides suggestions for healing personal areas of vulnerability and initiates the action planning process. 4
DV3 Domestic violence #3: your safety is your business This workbook develops a comprehensive individual-specific action plan for preventing future relationship difficulties. It helps identify the progressive nature of these behaviors, the reasons why she may need to get away from an abusive or threatening situation, and helps identify issues in her own thinking relating to the abusive relationship with a male partner. Templates identify specific areas of personal strength which may help her in difficult times. 3

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