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Preparation for Treatment

In many program settings, it may be necessary to overcome initial resistance. Program resources tailored for participants new to programming, resistant, defiant, or in denial. These MI-based resources are used in programming for men's programs, women's programs, and juvenile male and juvenile female programs.

Part of our comprehensive workbook series, these resources are tailored by age and gender. Programming materials are available for adult males, adult females, juvenile males, and juvenile females.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
ICD What's Treatment All About Short workbook explains the treatment process and expectations. 1
Pre1j What Am I Doing Here? Introductory workbook helps identify feelings, behavioral and substance abuse issues and risk factors. Reduces resistance, and begins the process of personal awareness and change. Based on motivational enhancement (MI/MET model), guides clients from pre-contemplation to contemplation of change. Includes six sets of activity cards. (for juvenile corrections and diversion programs) 3 to 6
Pre2 While You Are Here Brief activity clarifies opportunities and expectations for participants in correctional treatment settings. (for juvenile corrections programs) 1
Pre3a What's Important To You? Values clarification activities. Designed to increase comfort with self-disclosure in pre-treatment phase. Four (4) sets of activity cards, 76 cards total. 4
Pre3c Self-Disclosure Self-disclosure and self-image activity. Includes “Coat of arms” activity and MI elements. 2
Pre3d Life Goals and Life Dreams Life goals and life dreams activity 1
Pre4 How important is it to you? Identifies critical goals, high risk choices, and increases importance of making pro-social choices. Critical MI resource. 1
Pre6a Introduction to the program This workbook introduces the program and several concepts. The concepts addressed include the choices they make, the idea of personal “change,” and common problems shared by many people like them. 1
Pre7 Choices Participants explore choices, including involvement with high risk, people, places, things, and situations, as well as a range of pro-social or positive changes. 1
Pre8 At home in the lockup? Examines issues and feelings involved in institutional life. 1
Pre9 A Starting Point MI-based precontemplation engagement activity, focusing on importance and confidence in thinking about change. Participants explore choices faced by others in similar situations. Examines future choices and positive options. (Available in adult and juvenile versions) 1
Pre10a A New Direction? Examines future choices and the decision to make positive changes or to keep things the same; uses decisional balance model to examine options. Guides movement from precontemplation to contemplation of change. 1
Pre11 You Can’t Change Me MI resource (specifically focused on anti-contemplation). Examines issues of importance and confidence in making life changes. 1
Pre12 I Can Do This! - Strengths Participants identify internal and external strengths to help develop their confidence in making long-term positive changes. 1
Pre13 It’s Just Like Magic A precontemplation resource. Building on the MI concept of a hypothetical look over the fence, helps increase the importance of making changes and avoiding certain traps in making only a partial commitment to these changes. 1
Pre14 Famous Last Words Precontemplation MI-based resource. Many people with alcohol or drug issues say similar things about their use or abuse. This resource builds on these common statements or self-talk to help participants identify how these kinds of thinking may be barriers or obstacles to change. Strips away denial, increases awareness of costs and consequences of continuing, and awareness of their own strengths and assets to make positive changes. 3
Pre15 There’s No Point Focused MI-based pre-treatment or early treatment activity addressing anti-contemplation and resistance to change. 1
SD1 Introduction to Self-Discovery Starts the process of change though identifying and addressing substance abuse and similar dependencies. 4

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