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Part of our comprehensive workbook series, these age- and gender-specific materials addressing specific issues in women's lives, including abuse, violence, relationships, and health. These issues should be address to build self-efficacy in a comprehensive gang intervention or gang prevention program.

Catalog Code Title Description Hours
M2 Healthy relationships and healthy boundaries Participants will identify: family-of-origin boundary issues, personal warning signs that boundaries need to be set; personal experiences and effects of physical, emotional, sexual and verbal abuse, and drug/alcohol use as a result of boundary violations. Additionally, client will identify areas where difficulties have recently been experienced in setting boundaries and develop an action plan to start setting boundaries for specific personal problem situations. Clients will practice assertion messages to be used in setting boundaries for current issues and use practice scenarios for setting boundaries. 6
M8 Avoiding your old family traps Family neglect, abandonment, abuse, or addiction often lead to the development of dysfunctional behaviors. In many cases, these even become family "roles." This workbook identifies some of these old family roles and “traps” and provides options. 6
M12 Self-image and body image Addresses common issues for young men’s self image and body image. Includes worksheets on media influences, feeling "normal," and maturation. 4
M13 Eating issues Addresses common eating disorder issues (including eating as a response to stress or a need for comfort). Identifies eating as an area of "control," and guides self-efficacy in resisting eating disturbances. 7 to 8
M21 Compulsive Gambling Identifies patterns and issues underlying compulsive gambling in young men. Develops action plan for self-efficacy. 5
M22 Self-injury Addresses common issues in self-injury and impulse control in young men. Develops action plan for self-efficacy. 4 to 5

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