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Whether you have them for a couple of days or over a year, you have an opportunity to help them begin to make significant changes in their lives.

Jails are unique places. Your population can be with you anywhere from one or two days up to several years. That makes it quite a challenge if you want to introduce programming to your inmates. We can help!

Phoenix/New Freedom Programs offers a full range of programming to fit the specific needs of jails, from Substance Abuse to Mental Health to special programming for Administrative Segregation to Transition. All of our programs feature outcome-driven, proven-effective content built on a rock-solid CBT base with MI tools integrated throughout. Everything is delivered in a carefully structured approach that helps ensure successful treatment that you can document.

Substance Abuse

A Road Not Taken
This substance abuse program features over 70 program hours in a highly successful stages-of-change, MI-based group model developed for the Rikers Island jails in New York City (male, female, and Spanish versions available). The program has documented significantly reduced recidivism rates since it’s implementation at Riker’s!
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30-Hour Open Group Model
Based on A Road Not Taken,  this state of the art, 30 session open group model is shaped for flexible administration - and concrete results. It takes a creative new approach: participants can be added to the group at any point, but the outcome-driven model provides structure and support for individual progress and change.  Easy to implement with complete resources for 30 group sessions, one-on-one counseling, and support in documenting participation, progress, and outcomes.
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The Inmate Self-Study Series
These practical, cost-effective program packages for in-cell or self-study programming will keep inmates gainfully occupied and moving in a pro-social direction even if they are only in the jail for a few days. Currently available:
  • Pre-Contemplation Resource — attacks pre- and anti-contemplation
  • Substance Abuse and Abuse Issues — a shorter model than A Road Not Taken
  • Returning Home Resource — for those inmates about to return to their communities
Administrative Segregation Programming
Our in-cell and step-down models specifically designed for your Adseg population feature workbooks grouped into weekly packets. Once a weekly packet is completed, the work can be processed by a cell-door conversation. Each weekly packet includes a brief competency checklist to aid in evaluation of participants’ comprehension, insight, self-disclosure, and motivation to change.

Behavioral Health

Comprehensive Systems Management Curriculum
Designed for severe and persistent mentally ill patients, this unique program uses CBT, DBT, and MI tools with goals of increasing medication compliance, enhancing therapy compliance, and decreasing violent incidents. Two separate tracks for Mood Disorders and Psychotic Spectrum. Each track includes 50 hours of individual and group resources.
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Beyond The Bridge
This 72-session, lesson-based CBT and MI intervention-- selected for presentation at the American Public Health Association 140th Annual Meeting and Expo in San Francisco-- addresses a range of behavioral health issues including chemical dependency, anxiety, aggression, and depression. Developed for the Rikers Island jails in New York City. This program is also available in Spanish.
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A comprehensive set of easy to implement program resources which support dosages up to several hundred hours. Resources include workbook and lesson-based programming for pre-release, transition, and post-release. Focused on developing self-efficacy in recognizing and dealing with critical risk factors for recidivism, as well as creating a safety net of protective factors.

General Population Programming

Resources that fill the need to keep inmates gainfully occupied and moving in a pro-social direction whether they are only in the jail for a few days or up to one year:
  • Comprehensive General Population Program– We have the capacity of providing a program dosage from several weeks up to a full year. Program models offer additional programming for program preparation, transition to another institution, and transition back to the community.
  • Pre-Contemplation resource– This focused resources address anti- and pre-contemplation, helping inmates to begin their journey to real change
Other Key Resources

Spanish Language Resources
Include key elements to prepare participants for intervention programming, significant gang intervention program resources, a core program based on CBT and problem-solving skills, and a comprehensive transition resource for returning to the community. Nearly 60 resources provide a comprensive program in Spanish. Program length can range up to 300 program sessions.

Women's Programming
Gender-specific resources for women target women’s unique pathways into substance abuse, criminal behavior, and recovery. Available in a wide range of program hours that include pre-treatment and transition.

Youth Program Resources
We provide evidence-based resources for juvenile corrections and community programs in all 50 states.

Let us help you choose or create
the ideal program for your jail!

All our resources are available in a site license arrangement that permits unlimited duplication at each licensed site for as long as you use the materials. We provide the materials in PDF format for ease of duplication and printing. For a free consultation, or to find out more about the programs listed here, contact us at (646) 370-1353 or email us at

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