A New Freedom

In-Cell Study: For administrative segregation or self-study

The New Freedom cell-study program is a workbook-based cognitive change program. Multiple resources provide a range of options to support your programming needs, including administrative segregation, self-study for general population, step down from ad seg and support for mental health units. These resources provide inmates with an understanding of the thoughts and feelings which have contributed to their addictions, dependencies, and other behavioral problems. Designed to carefully strip away defensiveness, these materials guide the inmate to identify his own areas of vulnerability, risk factors for relapse, and multiple dependencies. Finally, the workbooks provide the opportunity to learn and practice a set of critical coping skills designed to help address issues while incarcerated as well as post-release relapse prevention. This program includes a gender-specific comprehensive substance abuse treatment curriculum.

New Freedom resources for cell-study or ad seg address additional aspects of cognitive change, teach additional coping skills for relapse prevention, and develop a detailed written personal post-release plan. They are supplemented by a series of short workbooks, Returning Home, which provide preparation for community reintegration. A critical feature of these resources is that they are appropriate for use in multiple applications: self-study, 1:1, or cell-door dialog, or small group. Thus, they can be used in administrative segregation or general populations.

Written at a Grade 5 reading level, these workbooks are supplemented by a counselor's template which identifies selected pages for quick review. The counselor can turn to those pages to assess understanding, insight, and progress. These materials are provided under a site license, a one-time cost, which allows unlimited duplication within a facility. A Spanish language version of this program is also available.

Programs can be shaped from one to twelve months and resources include a day-by-day breakdown of materials for easy use by program staff or counselors, as well as evaluation materials to support assessment of progress and inmate change. They can match well with ad seg behavioral management program criteria.

All of our materials are exceptionally affordable as they are provided under our site license arrangement allowing unlimited duplication.

Core Programs

Our core programs introduce the basic concepts of self-discovery. Participants learn about, and identify, their own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, areas of past failure in coping, relapse triggers and risk factors, and their lack of effective coping skills. In the process, inmates are guided to accept responsibility for making changes today. The workbooks then guide the inmates to examine their past patterns of addiction and dependency. As they develop understanding of the chronic nature of their problems, they draw lessons from past patterns of lapses and relapse. Finally, they are guided to identify specific steps they can take as they become aware of high risk situations, and practice specific coping responses to a variety of potential problem situations. Counselors, if available, can quickly evaluate the inmate's understanding and skill mastery.

A new set of administrative segregation resources supports the transition to general population. Supporting a step-down through several stages, these resources include options for moving to a two-person cell or general population.

With over 300 workbooks and other resources (grade 4-6 reading level), we support longer self-study programs, and specialize in tailoring ad seg programs to your needs. Click here in-cell to download one illustration of a in-cell model listing recommended workbooks for your administrative segregation programs. Sample ad seg program models are also available by request.

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