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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our comprehensive substance abuse treatment programming and resources build on a powerful base of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and Stages Of Change theory. These resources address the whole cycle of dependency and the elements needed to create change, including: self-awareness, cognitive restructuring, and skills for relapse prevention and self-efficacy.  Our programs:
  • address the underlying thinking and feelings that contribute to abuse
  • increase the awareness of the pattern or cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that have led to relapse in the past
  • prepare participants for treatment, reduce resistance, move them past the stage of Pre-or Anti-Contemplation, and build motivation for lifestyle changes
  • explore discrepancies between current behaviors and life goals
  • provide extensive practice of coping skills while developing strong situational confidence

Substance Abuse

A Road Not Taken —A data-rich, substance abuse program with documented success developed specifically for Riker’s Island jails in New York City. This flexible program offers over 70 program hours in workbooks or individual lesson format. It features a structured, CBT-based group curriculum tied directly to the Prochaska & DiClemente stages of change model.  Available in male, female, and Spanish versions. Whether you are a jail or a prison, this program is a proven-effective substance abuse solution.    [Read more!]

30 Hour Open Group Model — A comprehensive 30-session, open group substance abuse program  shaped for flexible administration and structured for results. New members can be added to the group at any point, while the outcome-driven model provides tools, structure, and support for individual progress and change. It includes full support in documenting participation, progress, and outcomes.  Also available in 40 and 50 session versions.
[Dowload a PDF file that includes program TOC, a full explanation, and visual representation of the program flow!

Substance Abuse Aftercare — We have hundreds of hours of CBT-based, MI-infused workbooks that cover all aspects of transition and relapse prevention. Ideal to follow up on residential or intensive outpatient treatment, while providing seamless continuity of care.
[Dowload a PDF file listing of our Returning Home and Relaspe Prevention resources]

Design a Custom Curriculum

With hundreds of hours of resources to pull from, we can help you design a custom curriculum that addresses your specific population and achieves the exact outcomes you want.  Contact us today!

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