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In corrections, many states are facing budget cutbacks and staffing decreases across the board. Increasingly, they are having to face the difficult challenge of having to do more with less.

Parole Violation and Revocation alone can eat up a surprising amount of money and resources. But what if you were able to take at least part of the costs of Parole Violation and Revocation out of the mix?

Working at the request of our colleagues at the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, we created a new program resource that supports one last chance– an Alternative To Parole Violation. The vision was to give parole violators a powerful, CBT-based program that, if successfully completed, would allow them to avoid being revocated or violated back to prison.
Here's How It Works:
We developed two program resources– one for males and one for females– designed to help participants examine:
  • the events that led to their referral

  • their poor decision-making

  • their ability to handle temptations and risk factors

  • their difficulties in complying with parole requirements and supervision
It asks the question “What went wrong”, provides multiple scenarios for problem-solving practice, and arms them with insight and tools to help them make a successful transition this time!

The program we provided to New York State supports 180 hours, divided into six (6) units. Each unit provides resources for ten (10) three-hour group sessions, constructed around a key theme relating to these issues. The program model is designed for open admissions. New members may join at any time, and will be able to utilize the same materials as others in the program.

This 3-hour per day model fits the needs of New York State, but we can tailor a version of this model to meet your dosage and program requirements!

Here's an example of Unit 1:
The units are designed to be assigned flexibly!
  1. Pre-contemplation elements (targeting key reasons for pre-contemplation and lack of success in handling the transition or parole responsibilities)

  2. Core workbook-based self-study elements. Many are from our Relapse Intervention (RI) series or similar elements from the New Freedom workbook resources, including multiple elements from our evidence-based OpenTo Change (CBT) substance abuse program.

  3. Two kinds of brief opening elements– Why Am I Here (probing the specific reasons their parole violations occurred) and A Mindfulness Moment (a brief Mindfulness exercise).

  4. Focus elements - turning points (determination and commitment) resources.

  5. Activity at the end of each week. This typically includes specific worksheets and situational confidence activities, as well as an assessment of confidence in handling the highest risk factors.
This resource is also available in a different Women's Version.
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