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In 2007, Phoenix/New Freedom programs created A Road Not Taken, a 72-session, workbook-based substance abuse for New York City Jails, particularly Riker’s Island which has a daily inmate population of around 14,000. By 2008, the program was so successful, drug court judges began to sentence offenders directly into the program.

A recent evaluation of this program yielded highly significant results– a 41.67% reduction in multiple re-arrests, and a significant 23% reduction - to 32% - of recidivism for those experiencing a longer length of stay (more than 41 days) in the program. In October of 2012, this data was selected to be presented at the American Public Health Association 140th Annual Meeting and Expo in San Francisco: https://apha.confex.com/apha/140am/webprogram/Paper266905.html.

In November of 2014 the Journal of Correctional Health Care published an article entitled "A Road Not Taken: Substance Abuse Programming in the New York City Jail System".  A quote from the article: "A Road Not Taken (ARNT), works collaboratively with courts, security officials within the jail, and community programs to identify inmates who have substance abuse concerns and provide in-jail programming and coordination of treatment after jail. An evaluation of ARNT participants revealed that they experienced a lower rate in incarceration after their program participation than they did before participation."  You can download the article here.

The program can be used in open or closed groups, and is available in an individual lesson format. Spanish and Gender-Specific versions are also available. The program is also accompanied by Competency Checklists the measure understanding (as well as compliance), and a Fidelity Monitoring Checklist to ensure fidelity to the model across your organization.

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